The fuselage v1.0 is now ready.



And when I say “ready” I do not literally mean “completely done, nothing left to do”. But the fuselage as such should indeed be ready. The points that will need some attention in the future are:

  • Connecting the cabin.
  • Connecting the wing-dome.
  • Connecting vertical stabelizer.
  • Include a base for the RC installation
  • Nose wheel mounting.
  • Main gear mounting.

It is also likely that some issues will turn up when building the thing that may require additional or redesigned parts.

These points will be addressed later, next on the list are the wing, nacelles & floats.

So far, Fusion360 reports a total weight of 1685 grams, and a center of gravity at just about the leading edge of the wings. Not too bad I think. Even if the weight is a tad high for my taste. There is some overenginering going on, so it may be possible to save a little. An optimistic guess would be 10%. However that is an issue for later, if the total weight is getting way past the target.